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12/7/2008 Pt Lobos by Mark Lloyd -- [View this report only]
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Bottom Team: Mark Lloyd, Martijn Zandstra
Visibility: 5' - 25' Time:10:00 AM
Temp: 55F - 55F Surge: 3'
Max Depth: 97FSW Avg Depth: 54FSW
Bottom Time:   Total Time: 0:51
Bottom Gases: EAN32Deco Gases:
Backgas Config: Double Deco Tanks:
Deco Profile:
One of my friends from Holland is visiting and is an active diver. The last time he was here we were only able to do a dive off of the breakwater so I made sure we had reservations at Lobos for the next time he dropped in.
On Sunday, Martijn, Marlies, and I all drove down to Lobos. With Marlies supervising Martijn and I geared up and made sure he was weighted correctly at the boat ramp. We swam out to the edge of the cove with excitement because the clarity of the water was exceptional. Unfortunately, the clarity only extended to about 10' and decreased as we dropped. Following the sand channel our objective was to reach Beto's reef. I like following the East side then drop over West side to see the wall drop off. After kicking for a while I decided it was about right to turn left. What was around me did not seem familiar however so I forged ahead a bit more then run into a big open space of sand. Hmmmm... nothing ahead.. that means we past the end of Betos. We turned around and in 5 secs run into the end and followed it back past Sea Mount and finally back into the cove where the vis was not improving. We saw a couple of large Sheephead, various Rockfish, Nudi's, but nothing unusual.

Back on dry land we had lunch and back in again for a shorter dive on Middle Reef. Seemed the vis was getting worse and the swell was picking up. Still it was nice next to the wall but I have forgotten where those two wolf eels are and couldnt point them out to our visiting diver, oh well.