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12/31/1969 Copper Roof House aboard Escapade by Harry Wong -- [View this report only]
Bottom Team: Harry Wong, Paul Lee
Visibility: 60' Time:3:59 PM
Temp: 60F Surge: 5'
Scooter: Gavin Short Burn Time:  
Max Depth: 87FSW Avg Depth:  
Bottom Time:   Total Time:  
Bottom Gases: EAN32Deco Gases:EAN50
Backgas Config: Double Deco Tanks:AL80
Deco Profile:

This was at Outer Copper Roof House. This was a nice relaxing recreational dive with the bottom at 80 feet. The viz was a bit less but still spectacular 60 feet or so. This site was full of cool walls, sand channels and coves, and was little confusing to navigate at first. There were so many variances to the topography. But going about in a circular pattern we got to know the area. There were some pretty cool little cracks to scooter thru and with a scooter you cover a lot of ground! Then we found what was tied to a buoy we saw. It was a crab trap, but it was collapsed with nothing in it.

Later on in the dive we came up upon Dionna and Mark. I wanted to harass them a bit, but they were busy doing a bottle switch, so we left them alone. Then after a bit, Paul called the dive and we did our minimum deco.

What an awesome day of diving!

All dives are fun, some are just more "entertaining" ;-)
Live Long and Deco