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Mt Chamberlin - South Wall -- [View this location only]
Region: Carmel GPS Coords
Access: Boat Level: Advanced
Access Information: This is only accessible by boat. It is off Yankee Point, somewhat near Flinstone's.
Terrain: Pinnacle Avg Depth: 130
Max Depth: 240 Min Depth: 100
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The South Wall of Mt Chamberlin has some broad plateaus around 100', with small canyons around the top. On the side it drops off nearly vertically to the sand. At the eastern side of the wall the bottom is about 150FSW. Toward the western side it goes to 220 and beyond.

About 2/3 of the way to the west, the wall starts at about 140ft and it goes down to 200ft. At the base of the wall there is a canyon going inside the wall for about 150ft. This canyon is probably 30ft wide and it's covered with all kind of invertebrates: gorgonias, corynactus, big nudibranchs, etc. There are many species of rockfish: stary, rosy, vermillion, and even some small yellow eyes. Half way through the canyon there is a side tunnel that goes east back to the wall and there is a very nice arch/bridge to swim under. You can probably do a 20min dive just swimming the canyon and the side tunnel.