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Flintstones -- [View this location only]
Region: BigSur GPS Coords
Access: Boat Level: Intermediate,Advanced
Access Information: Off Yankee Point, western edge of PTP. Boat only.
Terrain: Pinnacle Avg Depth: 110
Max Depth: 180 Min Depth: 50
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This is one of the premier dive spots on the Big Sur coast. It is a pinnacle with sheer walls rising from 160 feet to 50 feet or so. Sister pinnacles nearby drop off to about 180 feet. The top of the pinnacle is covered in dense Corynactis and the top has Palm and Bull kelp, especially in summer. A notch at the top of the pinnacle has some hydrocoral. At about 120 feet there is a belt of Metridiums, especially on the south side of the pinnacle. Deeper still is a field of Gorgonians and along the bottoms of the walls advanced divers can expect to see Starry, Rosy and even juvenile Yelloweye rockfish.

The top of the reef is frequented by pelagics like Mola molas, Jellyfish, Salps etc. and also nearly always has large schools of Blue Rockfish, Yellowtail Rockfish and White Perch. Visibility at this spot is nearly always excellent. Often there are strong surface currents.