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Alan's Arch -- [View this location only]
Region: BigSur GPS Coords
Access: Boat Level: Intermediate
Access Information: Off Yankee Point, near PTP. Boat only.
Terrain: Pinnacle,Kelp,Reef Avg Depth: 90
Max Depth: 140 Min Depth: 70
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This site is also known as Arc de Triomphe. It is named for the beautiful arch/swim-through in the pinnacle. The Arch proper has some hydrocoral, dense corynactis cover and usually features excellent visibility. Pelagic animals like this salp chain are frequently seen here. (Warning large file). Other fairly common visitors include Mola molas and large schools of blue rockfish.

To the west of the arch there is a sheer wall dropping to 140 feet with gorgonians and encrusting sponges.