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Rock Garden -- [View this location only]
Region: GPS Coords 36 31.406, 121 56.476
Access: Beach Level: Intermediate
Access Information: (Method 1)Navigate to Lone Metridium. Swim west from Lone Metridium rounding the north end of the next wall and then proceed west following the 65 foot contour. You will arrive at two small walls that are beautifully decorated. They are absolutely flat and look (but aren't) man-made. Enjoy them then continue on the 65' contour as it turns to the southwest. You will enter a massive boulder field with GIANT boulders. Return by the reverse method. The distance from Lone Metriduum is a bit less than the distance between LM and Hole In The Wall. METHOD TWO - Approach Bird Rock on the surface from the east side. The east side is a shear vertical wall so you can approach quite it within a few feet on the surface with out fear of hitting rock under water. Descend to about 20 feet and follow the wall a few yards north. Go through the submerged notch and follow the slope down in the NW direction to arrive at the two small walls described in Method 1.
Terrain: Rocky/Boulder Field Avg Depth: 65
Max Depth: 0 Min Depth: 0
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Very cool site that is very close in and easy to get to. During summer will be under kelp canopy and dark. During winter will have some kelp and on sunny days will be very atmospheric. The dive site is GIANT boulders that fell off the west side of Bird Rock. There are some amazing slots, mazes and well decorated structures. I would be easy to get disoriented within the site. Should that occur, go west to the valley, and follow the 65' contour home with wall on right.