Big Sur Exploration Project

July 31, 2004 Expedition - Initial Exploration

BAUE chartered the Cypress Sea, captained by Phil Sammet and Xcott Wolf to take us down the coast to explore the bank for the first time. This is arguably some of finest diving any of us have ever experienced in California, or for that matter the world. We concentrated on the SE side of the bank which has a lone high pinnacle at 120', averages mostly 160-170' and sections dropping off significantly deeper. Offshore weather and currents in this region are unpredictable, but fortunately both cooperated for us on this first visit. With 80+ feet of visibility and little to no current on the bottom we had 2 spectacular dives.

Underwater Video (MPEG4/QuickTime - 37MB)
Underwater photos (Video still frames)
Topside photos
Dave Chamberlin Trip Report
Clinton Bauder Trip Report
Kevin Metcalf Trip Report
Pete Gelbman Trip Report (Greedo, Jedi Cave and the Wampa)
Marcos Perreau Guimaraes Trip Report


  • Clinton Bauder
  • Susan Bird
  • David Chamberlin
  • Pete Gelbman
  • Will Gore
  • Kevin Metcalfe
  • Alberto Nava
  • Nick Radov

Boat Crew

  • Capt Phil Sammet
  • Capt Xcott Wolf
  • DiveMaster Tad
  • Marcos Perreau Guimaraes

Topside Photography and support

  • Dionna House