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Default 3/30/2013 Pt Lobos by Jon McNeill

3/30/2013 Pt Lobos by Jon McNeill -- [View in Reports Page]

Bottom Team:Jon McNeill, Dionna House
Visibility:15' - 20'Time:10:39 AM
Temp:51F - 52FSurge: 
Max Depth:91FSWAvg Depth:54FSW
Bottom Time: Total Time:1:37
Bottom Gases:EAN32Deco Gases:
Backgas Config:Double HP100Deco Tanks:
Deco Profile:
Didn't think I was going to get to dive at Point Lobos this weekend, but then Andrew Yasinsky posted that he had an extra reservation. Dionna grabbed it and took pity on my buddy-less situation, and we were ready to go. Well, almost. There was a little paperwork snafu and the reservation didn't seem to actually exist, but Dionna was super-charming, the rangers were super-helpful, and we were soon squared away.

Whaler's Cove was glassy flat, amazing. We kicked out to just East of the Worm Patch and dropped down. Headed to the end of Middle Reef to take some video of the memorial plaque there for the upcoming BAUE man-made objects survey. Some big Gopher Rockfish hanging out in the kelp and rocks. From there, we headed past Hole in the Wall and towards Sea Mount to take some more video, this time of the submerged tire on the way to Sea Mount. Visibility was ok but not great, 15-20 feet. A beautiful, vibrant-red juvenile Vermilion posed for us a little later, and then Dionna took us out to Beto's Reef since I had never been there. We turned the dive there, and headed back in past a nice size Cabezon and tons of nudies (including a beautiful Triopha Catalinae).

On arriving back at the Worm Patch, I shot a bag for practice and up we went. Was so nice to walk up the boat ramp on such a calm day, like emerging from a swimming pool. Was also great to get to finally meet and dive with Dionna, and to see all the other BAUE folks in the parking lot. Hopefully we also got some useful video for the upcoming project. Of course, Dionna will edit out any shots where I am in anything less than perfect trim. =)
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