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Default 11/22/2008 Montana by Mark Lloyd

11/22/2008 Montana by Mark Lloyd -- [View in Reports Page]

Bottom Team:Mark Lloyd, Harry Babicka, Dionna House
Visibility:5' - 50'Time:10:38 AM
Temp:50F - 51FSurge:3'
Scooter:X-scooterBurn Time:0:45
Max Depth:143FSWAvg Depth:73FSW
Bottom Time: Total Time:0:56
Bottom Gases:21/35Deco Gases:EAN50,O2
Backgas Config:Double HP120Deco Tanks:
Deco Profile:
2,2,2,2,2,6 up
With the vis cooperating the last few weeks, Dionna, Harry, and I were hoping for continued luck at Lobos as we wanted to try scootering out to Montana. In the event the vis was poor we would bail and stay either at Betos or Twin Peaks. In the cove the vis was about 5 feet at best but most of the time that is not a good indication of what is outside the cove. Once outside the cove the vis improved from about 60' on. At its best it was about 50' which meant that Montana was a go. Since this was our first time scootering to Montana we just wanted to get there, do a short run around it, then head back. Our plan was to do a maximum burn time of about 40-45 mins on the scooters, leaving us lots of safety room. We also spoke to Rob before we left and he indicated the best route to take was right off of Beto's reef heading about North or slightly North West. Once we arrived at the end of Beto's reef I tucked myself in, trying to get as good a profile as possible then kicked the X into high speed. We passed a number of good markers on the way, such as a bunch of Metridians, a group of boulders, a medium size pinnacle, then running straight into Montana. We did one pass then headed east. Our plan was to follow the Granite Pinnacles till Granite point wall then back to the cove. I put the team a bit too far east but we just continued navigating south through all the large Granite Pinnacles then headed back West to put ourselves back into the sand channel were we switched to our 50%. Once at the mouth of the cove we ascended to do our O2 stop, then scootered back on the surface and had lunch. This was a great dive, with lots to see, good vis, a bit of an adventure out to Montana, and a well planned return.
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