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Default 1/30/2009 Ed's Wall aboard Phil Sammet's RIB by Alberto Nava

1/30/2009 Ed's Wall aboard Phil Sammet's RIB by Alberto Nava -- [View in Reports Page]

Bottom Team:Susan Bird, Alberto Nava
Visibility:50' - 100'Time:10:00 AM
Temp:48F - 53FSurge:4'
Max Depth:225FSWAvg Depth:180FSW
Bottom Time:0:40Total Time:2:00
Bottom Gases:15/55Deco Gases:EAN50,O2
Backgas Config:Double HP120Deco Tanks:AL80
Deco Profile:
Susan and I finally got a Friday's diving day on Phil's Rib today. Friday's with Phil has become a very popular activity to the point that people Google calenders are frequently check for hole on the roster. So today was are chance :-)

The weather was perfect for diving at Lobos. Sunny sky, high tide and very small swells. These conditions always call for a dive on the West side of the Park.

We dropped in the water to find a strong current so we pointed out scooter noses down and hit the trigger against the current.

We reached the top of the wall at about 130, and after a equipment issue was fixed we headed down to the bottom at about 220ft. We motored north for a little bit to see the terrain in that area and we found a ear-shape looking sponge. We looked inside for little creatures but not luck this time.

From there we headed south following the wall for long time. There were tons of rock fish on the wall: blues, vermilions, starry, china, etc. At some point it was difficult to see your buddy with so many fish around :-)

On the way we checkout the East side of Naia wall and then followed the wall south for the rest of the dive

A large part of the dive was spent upside down looking at the wall. You could see the surface from the bottom.

Vis was btw 50-100ft and water 51 degrees most of the time.

We're loving this winter's diving. One of the best so far....

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