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joakim 04-09-2019 11:00 AM

3/31/2019 Lobos
I had not been at Lobos in a long time and things had changed. But conditions could not have been better and the dive was amazing. Beto and Joe had invited me to join them on a dive to Twin Peaks.

First thing I noticed as we were scootering out the sand channel was the amount of kelp ó or should I say the lack there of. Kelp used to get stuck in the prop all the time while scootering on the surface, but sadly not this time. We dropped down at around 30 ft and scooter past the Whole in the Wall. I have to admit I had a hard time orienting myself without the kelp ó it seemed so different but yet so familiar.

As we got to the Sisters things started to look a lot more familiar and the Road was as uneventful as always. The visibility at the Twin Peaks was spectacular and I donít think Iíve seen it in so much light before. Fun to see the sea pens again.

All good things come to an end ó the pressure gauge indicated time to head back. Feeling uplifted I did a few scooter barrel rolls on the way back. Now my dive team definitely knew I was enjoying the dive!

We stopped by Betoís reef before arriving at some rock that I did not recognize. This canít be Sea Mount! There is kelp on top of Sea Mount!

During deco we took the scenic route and explored the area behind the Solarium. It was calm enough to go shallow close to the rocks. Great visibility and lots of light, just like tropical diving. Perhaps we should call this place Cozumel...

After 106 minutes we surfaced by the ramp. I still think I miss the kelp.

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