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Default Aladin Tec2G weirdness

I remember we scratched our heads with Masao a while ago when we noticed that out Aladin Tec2Gs showing different dept sometimes. I even tried this with 2 Aladins and they was showing significant, up to several ft, difference under certain circumstances (sent unit for repair under warrranty). Not sure if this is an old news, but I think I figured this out :-)

I've being testing DiveLog software and noticed that it shows dept up to 5 ft off from Aladin's SmartTrak profile. Further investigation showed that raw log data matches DiveLog profile. Seems like Aladin records actual data from a sensors at 4 sec interval but uses long averaging for computation. What interesting is that it doesn't show actual data even in gauge mode - but the same averaging. Based on the fact that it takes Aladin up to a minute to catch up with ambient temp (hard to miss that when you passing termocline), this average is relatively long.
Even SmartTrak software use averaging to match what was on a computer screen during a dive.
This explains weird up to 5 ft difference that 2 or more units might have in dynamic dive situations.
And, this explains why we sucked at keeping the dept until we learned to feel pressure changes :-)

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you also need to make sure that when you enter the water you set the Aladin to sea level as I have found a couple of us with varying numbers.
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